The Bare Us

Two brothers. One Concept.

I am André on the left. I was born and bred in Lisbon but with a big link to Nature as my parents are from a remote countryside village, in the north of Portugal. Me and my brother were raised to value everything that comes from the Earth and to respect Nature and others. I lost part of that connection when I became an adult. I finished a bachelors degree in English but had no idea what to do with that. After a few office jobs, moving to the UK for 7 years and working in warehouse and factories, I decided to move back to Portugal. I wanted to be closer to my family, my roots, to what I want for the rest of my life. 

I am Ricardo on the right, actor, vegan, Nature and sports lover, compulsive traveller and explorer of the inner being. After several years searching for what I am and what I want in life, while traveling the world and living in UK, France and East Timor, I found my purpose in life in my own country, who would've thought?

So, two brothers decided to give back what the Universe gave them, inspiring and encouraging others to be more in touch with Nature and their inner being.

That's how The Bare Concept was born.

The Bare Team

Susana Braz

Reiki Master

Dafne Esteves Vaz

Vegan Eco Chef

Samuel Pinto

Surf Teacher

Carlos Franco

Yoga Master

Nélson Lucas

Reiki Master

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